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Configuration Item Default Example Description
AckTimeout 60 60 seconds to wait for an Ack timeout
asset_default 10500
async_packet_handling true true
client_socket_rcvbuf_size 0
client_throttle_max_bps 0
cloud_default 1750
DefaultRTO 0
DisableFacelights false
enabled_adaptive_throttles false
land_default 9125
MaxRTO 0
PausedAckTimeout 300 300 seconds to timeout a paused circuit?
PrimUpdatesPerCallback 100
resend_default 6625
scene_throttle_max_bps 0
task_default 18500
texture_default 18500
TextureSendLimit 20
wind_default 1750


    ; Set this to true to process incoming packets asynchronously. Networking is
    ; already separated from packet handling with a queue, so this will only
    ; affect whether networking internals such as packet decoding and
    ; acknowledgement accounting are done synchronously or asynchronously
    ; Default is true.
    ;async_packet_handling = true

    ; The client socket receive buffer size determines how many
    ; incoming requests we can process; the default on .NET is 8192
    ; which is about 2 4k-sized UDP datagrams. On mono this is
    ; whatever the underlying operating system has as default; for
    ; example, ubuntu 8.04 or SLES11 have about 111k, which is about
    ; 27 4k-sized UDP datagrams (on linux platforms you can [as root]
    ; do "sysctl net.core.rmem_default" to find out what your system
    ; uses a default socket receive buffer size.
    ; client_socket_rcvbuf_size allows you to specify the receive
    ; buffer size LLUDPServer should use. NOTE: this will be limited
    ; by the system's settings for the maximum client receive buffer
    ; size (on linux systems you can set that with "sysctl -w
    ; net.core.rmem_max=X")
    ;client_socket_rcvbuf_size = 8388608

    ; Maximum outbound bytes per second for a single scene. This can be used to
    ; throttle total outbound UDP traffic for a simulator. The default value is
    ; 0, meaning no throttling at the scene level. The example given here is
    ; 20 megabits
    ;scene_throttle_max_bps = 2621440

    ; Maximum bits per second to send to any single client. This will override
    ; the user's viewer preference settings. The default value is 0, meaning no
    ; aggregate throttling on clients (only per-category throttling). The
    ; example given here is 1.5 megabits
    ;client_throttle_max_bps = 196608

    ; Adaptive throttling attempts to limit network overload when multiple
    ; clients login by starting each connection more slowly. Disabled by
    ; default
    enable_adaptive_throttles = true

    ; Per-client bytes per second rates for the various throttle categories.
    ; These are default values that will be overriden by clients. These
    ; defaults are approximately equivalent to the throttles set by the Imprudence
    ; viewer when maximum bandwidth is set to 350kbps

    ;resend_default = 6625
    ;land_default = 9125
    ;wind_default = 1750
    ;cloud_default = 1750
    ;task_default = 18500
    ;texture_default = 18500
    ;asset_default = 10500

    ; Configures how ObjectUpdates are aggregated. These numbers
    ; do not literally mean how many updates will be put in each
    ; packet that goes over the wire, as packets are
    ; automatically split on a 1400 byte boundary. These control
    ; the balance between responsiveness of interest list updates
    ; and total throughput. Higher numbers will ensure more full-
    ; sized packets and faster sending of data, but more delay in
    ; updating interest lists
    ;PrimUpdatesPerCallback = 100

    ; TextureSendLimit determines how many packets will be put on
    ; the outgoing queue each cycle. Like the settings above, this
    ; is a balance between responsiveness to priority updates and
    ; total throughput. Higher numbers will give a better
    ; throughput at the cost of reduced responsiveness to client
    ; priority changes or transfer aborts
    ;TextureSendLimit = 20

    ; Quash and remove any light properties from attachments not on the
    ; hands. This allows flashlights and lanterns to function, but kills
    ; silly vanity "Facelights" dead. Sorry, head mounted miner's lamps
    ; will also be affected.
    ;DisableFacelights = false

    ; The time to wait before disconecting an unresponsive client.
    ; The time is in seconds. The default is one minute
    ;AckTimeout = 60

    ; The time to wait before disconecting an unresponsive paused client.
    ; A client can be paused when the file selection dialog is open during file upload.
    ; This gives extra time to find files via the dialog but will still disconnect if
    ; the client crashes or loses its network connection
    ; The time is in seconds. The default is five minutes.
    ;PausedAckTimeout = 300

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