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Configuration Item Default Example Description
data_services noservices
disable_modules Empty string a period-separated list of modules
data_exposure minimum
default_snapshot_period 20 seconds
gridname the lost continent of hippo
index_sims false
max_changes_before_update 500
snapshot_cache_directory DataSnapshot


    ; The following set of configs pertains to search.
    ; Set index_sims to true to enable search engines to index your searchable data
    ; If false, no data will be exposed, DataSnapshot module will be off, and you can ignore the rest of these search-related configs
    ; default is false
    index_sims = false

    ; The variable data_exposure controls what the regions expose:
    ;    minimum: exposes only things explicitly marked for search
    ;    all: exposes everything
    data_exposure = minimum

    ; If search is on, change this to your grid name; will be ignored for standalones
    gridname = "OSGrid"
    ; Period between data snapshots, in seconds. 20 minutes, for starters, so that you see the initial changes fast.
    ; Later, you may want to increase this to 3600 (1 hour) or more
    default_snapshot_period = 1200
    ; This will be created in bin, if it doesn't exist already. It will hold the data snapshots.
    snapshot_cache_directory = "DataSnapshot"

    ; This semicolon-separated string serves to notify specific data services about the existence
    ; of this sim. Uncomment if you want to index your data with this and/or other search providers.

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