A life twice-lived ...


256 NPCs by Lani Global - click for larger original

Before game consoles or home computers were widely available, people played role-playing games (RPGs) by sitting around a table, telling shared stories, and rolling dice to determine if their “character” in the story succeeded or failed at the actions the player wanted them to take within the story.

Myriad Lite is a project to adapt a pen-and-paper RPG rule book into the scripts and objects needed to play build and play your own RPGs in the OpenSimulator and SecondLife 3D virtual worlds.

“Myriad Lite” includes:

  • ready-to-play kit for players,
  • documented interfaces and scripts for content developers,
  • additional kit for region owners to integrate RPG tasks and customization into their regions, and
  • scripts and documentation for developers who wish to extend or adapt the system.

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