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Startup Configuration Item Default Examples Description
AllowedClients Empty string
BannedClients Empty string
MinFrameTime 0.089
UpdateStorageEveryNFrames 200
UpdateCoarseLocationsEveryNFrames 1
UpdateEntityMovementEveryNFrames 1
UpdateEventsEveryNFrames 1
UpdateObjectsEveryNFrames 1
UpdatePhysicsEveryNFrames 1
UpdateAgentsEveryNFrames 1
UpdateTerrainEveryNFrames 50
UpdateTempCleaningEveryNFrames 1000


    ; Console prompt
    ; Certain special characters can be used to customize the prompt
    ; Currently, these are 
    ; \R - substitute region name
    ; \\ - substtitue \
    ConsolePrompt = "Region (\R) "

    ; Set this to true if you want to log crashes to disk
    ; this can be useful when submitting bug reports.
    ; However, this will only log crashes within OpenSimulator that cause the entire program to exit
    ; It will not log crashes caused by virtual machine failures, which includes mono and ODE failures.
    ; You will need to capture these native stack traces by recording the session log itself.
    save_crashes = false

    ; Directory to save crashes to if above is enabled
    ; (default is /opensimdir/crashes/*.txt or C:\opensim\crashes\*.txt)
    crash_dir = "crashes"

    ; Place to create a PID file
    ; PIDFile = "/tmp/my.pid"

    ; Console commands run at startup
    startup_console_commands_file = "startup_commands.txt"

    ; Console commands run on shutdown
    shutdown_console_commands_file = "shutdown_commands.txt"

    ; Console commands run every 20 minutes
    ; timer_Script = "filename"

    ; timer_Script time interval (default 20 min)
    ; The time is 60 per minute
    ; timer_Interval = 1200

    ; ##
    ; ## SYSTEM
    ; ##

    ; Sets the method that OpenSim will use to fire asynchronous
    ; events. Valid values are UnsafeQueueUserWorkItem,
    ; QueueUserWorkItem, BeginInvoke, SmartThreadPool, and Thread.
    ; SmartThreadPool is reported to work well on Mono/Linux, but
    ; UnsafeQueueUserWorkItem has been benchmarked with better
    ; performance on .NET/Windows
    async_call_method = SmartThreadPool

    ; Max threads to allocate on the FireAndForget thread pool
    ; when running with the SmartThreadPool option above
    MaxPoolThreads = 15

    ; ##
    ; ## CLIENTS
    ; ##

    ; Set this to the DLL containing the client stack to use.

    ; ##
    ; ## REGIONS
    ; ##

    ; Determine where OpenSimulator looks for the files which tell it which regions to server
    ; Defaults to "filesystem" if this setting isn't present
    region_info_source = "filesystem"
    ; region_info_source = "web"

    ; Determines where the region XML files are stored if you are loading these from the filesystem.
    ; Defaults to bin/Regions in your OpenSimulator installation directory
    ; regionload_regionsdir="C:\somewhere\xmlfiles\"

    ; Determines the page from which regions xml is retrieved if you are loading these from the web
    ; The XML here has the same format as it does on the filesystem (including the <Root> tag),
    ; except that everything is also enclosed in a <Regions> tag.
    ; regionload_webserver_url = "http://example.com/regions.xml";

    ;; Allow the simulator to start up if there are no region configuration available
    ;; from the selected region_info_source.
    allow_regionless = false

    ; Maximum number of position, rotation and scale changes for each prim that the simulator will store for later undos
    ; Increasing this number will increase memory usage.
    MaxPrimUndos = 20

    ; Maximum size of non physical prims.  Affects resizing of existing prims.  This can be overriden in the region config file (as NonPhysicalPrimMax!).
    NonPhysicalPrimMax = 256

    ; Maximum size of physical prims.  Affects resizing of existing prims.  This can be overriden in the region config file.
    PhysicalPrimMax = 10

    ; If a viewer attempts to rez a prim larger than the non-physical or physical prim max, clamp the dimensions to the appropriate maximum
    ; This can be overriden in the region config file.
    ClampPrimSize = false
    ; Maximum number of prims allowable in a linkset. Affects creating new linksets. Ignored if less than or equal to zero.
    ; This can be overriden in the region config file.
    LinksetPrims = 0

    ; Allow scripts to keep running when they cross region boundaries, rather than being restarted.  State is reloaded on the destination region.
    ; This only applies when crossing to a region running in a different simulator.  
    ; For crossings where the regions are on the same simulator the script is always kept running.
    AllowScriptCrossing = true

    ; Allow compiled script binary code to cross region boundaries.
    ; If you set this to "true", any region that can teleport to you can
    ; inject ARBITRARY BINARY CODE into your system. Use at your own risk.
    TrustBinaries = false

    ; Combine all contiguous regions into one large megaregion
    ; Order your regions from South to North, West to East in your regions.ini and then set this to true
    ; Warning!  Don't use this with regions that have existing content!, This will likely break them
    CombineContiguousRegions = false

    ; Extend the region's draw distance; 255m is the default which includes
    ; one neighbor on each side of the current region, 767m would go three
    ; neighbors on each side for a total of 49 regions in view. Warning, unless
    ; all the regions have the same drawdistance, you will end up with strange
    ; effects because the agents that get closed may be inconsistent.
    DefaultDrawDistance = 255.0

    ; If you have only one region in an instance, or to avoid the many bugs
    ; that you can trigger in modules by restarting a region, set this to
    ; true to make the entire instance exit instead of restarting the region.
    ; This is meant to be used on systems where some external system like
    ; Monit will restart any instance that exits, thereby making the shutdown
    ; into a restart.
    InworldRestartShutsDown = false

    ; The minimum proportion of a second that any particular frame can take to execute.
    ; Only change this if you really know what you're doing, and be prepared to change UpdatePhysicsEveryNFrames
    ; (and other Frames params) to match!  For instance, halving MinFrameTime to 0.0445 require
    ; UpdatePhysicsEveryNFrames = 2 unless you don't mind your avatar walking like Benny Hill.
    MinFrameTime = 0.089

    ; Send scheduled updates to objects in the scene
    ; This must be a whole number
    UpdateObjectsEveryNFrames = 1;

    ; Send position/velocity, etc. updates to agents in the scene
    ; This must be a whole number
    UpdateAgentsEveryNFrames = 1;

    ; Apply pending forces from physics calculations to an entity.
    ; This must be a whole number
    UpdateEntityMovementEveryNFrames = 1;

    ; Send coarse location updates to viewers.  In a classic viewer, this updates the minimap.
    ; This must be a whole number
    UpdateCoarseLocationsEveryNFrames = 50;

    ; Update physics.  Within each update physics also updates in a series of contigous mini-steps
    ; This must be a whole number
    UpdatePhysicsEveryNFrames = 1;

    ; Clean up temp on rez objects.
    ; This must be a whole number
    UpdateTempCleaningEveryNFrames = 1000;

    ; Send out the on frame event to modules and other listeners.  This should probably never deviate from 1.
    ; This must be a whole number
    UpdateEventsEveryNFrames = 1;

    ; Send terrain updates to viewers
    ; This must be a whole number
    UpdateTerrainEveryNFrames = 50; 

    ; Persitently store any objects which meet the PRIM STORAGE criteria
    ; This must be a whole number
    UpdateStorageEveryNFrames = 200;

    ; ##
    ; ##

    ; Persistence of changed objects happens during regular sweeps. The following control that behaviour to
    ; prevent frequently changing objects from heavily loading the region data store.
    ; If both of these values are set to zero then persistence of all changed objects will happen on every sweep.
    ; Objects will be considered for persistance in the next sweep when they have not changed for this number of seconds
    MinimumTimeBeforePersistenceConsidered = 60
    ; Objects will always be considered for persistance in the next sweep if the first change occurred this number of seconds ago
    MaximumTimeBeforePersistenceConsidered = 600

    ; ##
    ; ## PHYSICS
    ; ##

    ; If true then prims can be collided with by avatars, other prims, etc.
    ; If false then all prims are phantom, no matter whether their phantom flag is checked or unchecked.
    ; Also, no prims are subject to physics.
    collidable_prim = true

    ; If true then prims can be made subject to physics (gravity, pushing, etc.).
    ; If false then physics flag can be set but it is not honoured.  However, prims are still solid for the purposes of collision direction
    physical_prim = true

    ; Select a mesher here.
    ; Meshmerizer properly handles complex prims by using triangle meshes.
    ; Note that only the ODE physics engine currently deals with meshed prims in a satisfactory way
    ; ZeroMesher is faster but leaves the physics engine to model the mesh using the basic shapes that it supports
    ; Usually this is only a box

    meshing = Meshmerizer
    ;meshing = ZeroMesher
    ; Path to decoded sculpty maps
    ; Defaults to "j2kDecodeCache
    ;DecodedSculptMapPath = "j2kDecodeCache"
    ; if you use Meshmerizer and want sculpt map collisions, setting this to
    ; to true will store decoded sculpt maps in a special folder in your bin
    ; folder, which can reduce startup times by reducing asset requests. Some
    ; versions of mono dont work well when reading the cache files, so set this
    ; to false if you have compatibility problems.
    ;CacheSculptMaps = true
    ; Choose one of the physics engines below.
    ; OpenDynamicsEngine is by some distance the most developed physics engine.
    ; BulletSim is a high performance, up-and-coming physics engine.
    ; basicphysics effectively does not model physics at all, making all objects phantom.
    physics = OpenDynamicsEngine
    ;physics = basicphysics
    ;physics = POS
    ;physics = modified_BulletX
    ;physics = BulletSim

    ; ##
    ; ##

    DefaultScriptEngine = "XEngine"

    ; ##
    ; ##

    ;emailmodule = DefaultEmailModule

    ; ##
    ; ##

    ; If enabled, enableFlySlow will change the primary fly state to
    ; FLYSLOW, and the "always run" state will be the regular fly.
    enableflyslow = false

    ; PreJump is an additional animation state, but it probably
    ; won't look right until the physics engine supports it
    ; (i.e delays takeoff for a moment)

    ; Simulator Stats URI
    ; Enable JSON simulator data by setting a URI name (case sensitive)
    ; Stats_URI = "jsonSimStats"

    ; Make OpenSim start all regions woth logins disabled. They will need
    ; to be enabled from the console if this is set
    ; StartDisabled = false

    ; Image decoding. Use CSJ2K for layer boundary decoding if true,
    ; OpenJPEG if false
    ; UseCSJ2K = true

    ; Use "Trash" folder for items deleted from the scene
    ; When set to True (the default) items deleted from the scene will be
    ; stored in the user's trash or lost and found folder. When set to
    ; False items will be removed from the scene permanently
    UseTrashOnDelete = True











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