A life twice-lived ...

Windlight Issues


Linden Windlight

Windlight (secondlife)
Windlight Environment Editor (secondlife)
Windlight Settings (secondlife)

RLV SetEnv

RLV Viewer Control - setenv (secondlife)
Pros: wide TPV support
Cons: Does not support fine-grained water controls

OpenSim LightShare

LightShare (opensimulator)
Pros: Fine-grained control
Cons: Incomplete TPV support

Firestorm Parcel Windlight

Parcel Windlight (phoenixviewer)
Pros: simple setup, altitude zones
Cons: incomplete TPV support, only works with Presets

Linden Region Windlight

Managing Private Region Environments (secondlife)
Pros: Viewer Support
Cons: No tradeable assets, incomplete TPV support

Missing Features

No tradeable PRESET assets - daycycle XMLs, sky XMLs (atmosphere, lighting, clouds), water XMLs

No region owner control of sun_texture_id, cloud_texture_id, moon_texture_id at login

No scripted control of day cycles at all - add/list/change/delete keys by preset or specific settings

No use of cloud_texture_id could control/replace the app_settings/windlight/clouds2.tga

No unified Windlight setting where 1 Preset/Asset sets the daycycle, cloud texture, sun texture, moon texture, all of the skies for the day cycle, and the water settings as 1 operation.